Robert Luciano of VGI Partners, photographed on the balcony of the VGI offices at 600 Madison Avenue, in Manhattan, New ...

Why investing is a 'contact sport'

VGI Partners managing director Robert Luciano says the hedge fund will not shy away from future activist campaigns if it thinks they are in the best interests of investors.

British PM gets business backing

Britain's top business group backs Theresa May's Brexit deal and takes aim at her Labour opponent, but parliament still stands in her way.

'Not much to report' on broker pay: Comyn

CBA's chief executive was brutally honest about the banking industry's plan to stop paying mortgage broker commission based on loan sizes. There isn't one.

Barley growers dismiss Beijing claims

China has launched an anti-dumping investigation into Australian barley imports in what analysts say is a warning from Beijing that Canberra should not side with the United States over trade or regional security.

Antony Catalano threw in a late proposal on Sunday evening.

Fairfax knocks back Catalano

The Fairfax Media board has knocked back a last minute attempt by former Domain CEO Antony Catalano to stop its merger with Nine Entertainment.

What Coles can learn from Viva downgrade

Viva Energy Group's profit downgrade carries lessons for other public companies new to the share market and the most obvious is Viva's partner, supermarket chain Coles, which will list separately on Wednesday.

One of Dalio's main points, backed up by the rise in global debt, is that the entire world is "leveraged long".

Ray Dalio sees parallels to 1930s

The world today looks most analogous to the late 1930s, according to Ray Dalio, the founder of Bridgewater Associates. That's a bit foreboding, to say the least.

Why the US faces a policy bind

Monetary policy seems committed to soothing the "inflation beast", while the fiscal policy levers are hampered by the budget and political gridlock.

Viva Energy came to the market in July in a $5 billion float - the biggest for 2018.

Viva slumps on prospectus miss

Viva Energy chief executive Scott Wyatt says petrol sales have improved after a tough start to the year but has blamed retail partner Coles for the division not reaching its full potential.


Secretary of the Treasury Philip Gaetjens gave a warning to both sides of politics about debt levels.

Treasury warns on Australia's debt

Treasury secretary Philip Gaetjens has delivered a pre-election warning to both sides of politics that government debt levels need to be lowered to replenish fiscal ammunition for a future economic downturn.

Same club, different positions. From left, Xi Jinping, Peter O'Neill, Shinzo Abe, and Mike Pence pose for a group photo ...

Pressure on China as Trump's trade ultimatum nears

Xi Jinping's strategy to position China as a champion of free trade has been undermined by the Trump administration's tactics at what should have been an amicable gathering of Asia Pacific leaders over the weekend.

Nissan CEO to be fired over misconduct

CEO Carlos Ghosn reportedly arrested in Tokyo as company moves to fire him for taking company money for personal use and other serious acts of misconduct.

Personal Finance

Sex Discrimination Commissioner Kate Jenkins.

Call to waive confidentiality at sex harassment inquiry

Major employers in the professional services and banking industry have said they are open to waiving confidentiality restrictions to allow current and former employees to give evidence at the ongoing sexual harassment inquiry.